• Convenience

    Visiting a lab for a diagnostic service involves travel. You need to plan well to visit the lab, particularly when it involves kin who are unwell or meeting an early morning schedule for fasting-related tests. We at Healthcare@Home save one from all the inconvenience of the said travel. The advantage of convenience is extremely vital for those requiring frequent lab services.

    No Waiting

    Diagnostic service Centers are most often crowded during rush hours (usually early mornings and over the weekends). Most often than not, one will have to wait for their turn. This could be very inconvenient and frustrating, particularly when one is unwell. Healthcare@Home eliminates this agony. The moment the lab technician arrives at your home; his attention is centered solely on you.

    Boon for Immobile patients

    There are ample times when diagnostic tests are to be conducted on severely ill patients. Such patients are usually immobile or have limited mobility. Healthcare@Home is a boon for such cases. Earlier, one would need to undertake a lot of trouble to reach the lab for such tests, but with HAH, trained lab technicians can arrive at one’s home and take the necessary blood samples required for the tests.

    Secure,Comfortable& Safe environment

    One is the most comfortable, secure and safe in his own home. In times of illness, patients require more comfort, more security, and more safety. If a diagnostic test is a must, there is nothing better than Healthcare@Home in such times.

    Test only what’s essential

    Human psychology is such that one sometimes tends to plan a lot, particularly in tasks which involve some efforts. When one visits a diagnostic lab for a particular test, it is natural for one to also consider getting a few other ‘not so urgent’ tests done; considering he/she has already taken the trouble to visit a lab. Healthcare@Home patho lab services give you the comfort of getting only the essential tests done, as you always have the option to call the lab technician again, when required, without any trouble.

    Complete anonymity 

    Diseases such as HIV/AIDS have a social stigma attached to it and patients of this disease (or other similar diseases) do not like to disclose their disease status to the public. Healthcare@Home can help them maintain complete anonymity as they won’t come in contact with anyone apart from their family.


  • NABL accreditation:

    All of our Pathology tests are done through our partner Dr Lal Pathlabs which is accredited by NABL in accordance with ISO 15189.

    Its National Reference Laboratory has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification (for the performance of routine and advanced diagnostic pathology testing services, including clinical trials), ISO 15189:2007 (for quality management in medical laboratories), ISO 15189:2012 certification (in the field of medical testing) and ISO 27001:2013 certification (for establishing an effective information management system that maintains and processes information security at our data center).
     Credentials of members:

    The phlebotomist who is going to collect the samples is the best chosen professionals. Who can collect your samples without any pain and error.

    Equipment used:

    At Healthcare@Home we use sterilized equipments for any sample collection which is a sealed box for a one time use. This is very essential as it ensures safe and uncontaminated blood sample collection from home.