Refund and cancellation

The following cancellation policy shall apply to onsite professional healthcare services (“Services”) and that Healthcare@Home(“HAH”) provides to a customer (the “Customer”):

1. If the Customer cancels any Services for any reason, before the service is assigned to any of the associate, the customer will receive the credit of same amount to his/her wallet.

If the Customer cancels any time after the services assigned to an associate, then customer is not entitled to a refund for the Services.

2. If HAH cancels Services  due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control (e.g. weather or natural disaster), the Customer is entitled to a credit for such Services, which must be used within three (3) months of the date of the original Services . If HAH cancels Services  for any other reason, the Customer is entitled to a full refund for such Services . HAH shall not be responsible for any other loss incurred by the Customer as a result of a cancellation or reschedule.

3. The refunded amount will be transferred to his/her wallet immediately. In case there is a bank transfer it will be completed within 3 working days from the date of redeem.